Translational Research:<br /><br /> Applications to Hearing Loss,<br /><br /> October 12, 2012
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This course is offered for up to 0.75 CEUs
(Intermediate level; Basic Communication Processes area).

Symposium Details

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Invited Speakers

Stem Cells and Drugs: Preventing and Treating Hearing Loss

Josef M. Miller, Ph.D.
University of Michigan
Director, Cochlear Signaling and Tissue Engineering Laboratory

Development of the Earlens Photonic Hearing Device

Sunil Puria, Ph.D.
EarLens Corporation and Stanford University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanics and Computation Division

Future Promise: Inner Ear Hair Cell Regeneration

Brenda Ryals, Ph.D.
James Madison University
Communications Sciences and Disorders

Adventures in Bionic Hearing

Robert Shannon, Ph.D.
House Research Institute
Scientist III and Director,
Division of Communications and Auditory Neuroscience

Current Projects and Future Needs for Translational Research: Observations from the VA

Patricia A. Dorn, Ph.D.
Interim Director, VA Rehabilitation R&D Service, Department of Veteran Affairs

Northwestern University Speakers

Mind Over Matter: Cognitive Factors in Prosthesis Success

Pamela Souza, Ph.D.
Northwestern University
Communication Sciences and Disorders

Reaching Higher: Hearing Assessment Reformulation Project (HARP)

Sumitrajit Dhar, Ph.D.
Jonathan Siegel, Ph.D.
Northwestern University
Communication Sciences and Disorders

Out of the Electric Box: Optical Stimulation of Neural Tissue

Claus-Peter Richter, M.D., Ph.D.
Northwestern University Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and McCormick School of Engineering

Welcome and Overview of Importance of Translational Research

Donald W. Nielsen, Ph.D.
Northwestern University
Communication Sciences and Disorders