The Hugh Knowles Prize for Distinguished Achievement is awarded periodically to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to research or clinical practice in the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of hearing disorders. Nominations for the prize may be submitted at any time to Nina Kraus, chairman of the selection committee.

The 2022 Hugh Knowles Prize for Distinguished Achievement




Presented to
Barbara Canlon, Ph.D.
Karolinska Institutet
on November 1, 2022



The Knowles Hearing Center honored Dr. Canlon with a plaque and an award of $25,000. Dr. Canlon delivered a lecture titled: Noise trauma: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Barbara Canlon, professor of Hearing Physiology in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at the Karolinska Institutet.

Dr. Canlon has had an outstanding career in hearing science. The major theme of her research is to understand the mechanisms of injury in the cochlea, and to use this knowledge to develop strategies for prevention and treatment. Dr. Canlon’s numerous angles and perspectives, combine hearing science, audiology, nanotechnology, genetics, pharmacology, and epidemiology. Among her many scientific contributions, Dr. Canlon has identified a circadian clock in the auditory system that regulates sensitivity to noise damage. This research has exerted a significant impact on the field and has all of the hallmarks of Canlon’s work: the innovative combination of physiology and genetics driven by her quest to understand the mechanisms of noise damage as a prelude to developing protective strategies.

In addition to her remarkable research and the training of numerous young scientists, Dr. Canlon is a leader in the field. She is Editor-in-Chief of Hearing Research and has served on foundation boards and grant review bodies. She is also a generous member of the hearing research community, both in the United States and Europe.

Past Recipients

2016 Christine Petit
2013 Robert Zatorre
2008 Brian C. J. Moore
2005 Peter Dallos
2000 A. James Hudspeth
1997 David M. Green
1995 David Kemp
1992 Josef J. Zwislocki

2022 Prize Selection Committee: Nina Kraus, Northwestern University, non-voting Chair; Christine Petit, College de France, Institut Pasteur; Sarah Wooley, Columbia University; Robert Zatorre, McGill University; Donald Caspary, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine; Manual Malmierca, University of Salamanca.