Learning to Hear: The influence of training and experience on auditory skill, October 21, 2011
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This course is offered for up to 0.6 CEUs
(Intermediate level; Basic Communication Processes area).

Invited Speakers

Learning to understand speech

Matt Davis, Ph.D.
Medical Research Council, Cambridge

Directing neural plasticity to understand and treat speech and hearing disorders

Michael P. Kilgard, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Dallas

Learning to localize sound

Andrew King BSc, Ph.D.
Oxford University

Perceptual learning and cochlear implant outcomes: Some new findings on adaptation to acoustically transformed speech

Karen Kirk, Ph.D.
University of Iowa

Developmental plasticity: the effects of training and deprivation

Dan Sanes, Ph.D.
New York University

Northwestern University Speakers

Perceptual adaptation to foreign-accented speech
Ann Bradlow, Ph.D.

Music for the development and maintenance of auditory skills
Nina Kraus, Ph.D.

Successful and less successful spoken language learning
Patrick Wong, Ph.D.

Enhancing and disrupting perceptual learning
Bev Wright, Ph.D.

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