Development of the EarLens Photonic Hearing Device – Sunil Puria, Ph.D.

Reaching Higher: Hearing Assessment Reformulation Project (HARP)Sumit Dhar, Ph.D. & Jonathan Siegel

Stem Cells and Drugs: Preventing and Treating Hearing LossJosef M. Miller, Ph.D

Out of the Electric Box: Optical Stimulation of Neural TissueClaus‐Peter Richter, M.D., Ph.D

Future Promise: Inner Ear Hair Cell RegenerationBrenda Ryals, Ph.D

Adventures in Bionic HearingRobert Shannon, Ph.D

Mind Over Matter: Cognitive Factors in Prosthesis SuccessPamela Souza, Ph.D

Current Projects and Future Needs for Translational Research: Observations from the VA – Patricia A. Dorn, Ph.D